Painted Praise and Worshiping In Color


 This Isn’t Who I Always Was


I haven’t always done this. I used to be a gal who worshiped God in song, in prayer, and in action. I used to read my Bible and pray every day. I used to write lists of prayers and mark out when they were answered.

“So what changed? You look like you still do all those things”, you may be thinking.

      I do. But now, I do those things through the lens of a woman who has had her heart broken, dreams shattered, and hopes crushed and blown away. God used those things to start a part of my sanctification story that would forever change me.

Now, I write my prayers out in color. I circle over and over again in purple ink around a friend’s name who needs a hedge of protection. I paint a background of splattered paint to write my Bible study verses on. I read through the Bible and then find a way to illustrate and paint a picture of what it means to my life. I am able to share those pictures, those entries and encourage other women to share their heart as well.

I may not be as young and free as I once was. But I am certainly more free than I’ve ever been. Free to create without excuse. Free to journal my heart- good or bad. Free to feel confident in my own skill set God has given me.

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. IMG_20151103_170448_415


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