Handwriting and Legacy

Handwriting and Legacy



One day, when our purpose on earth is complete, we will be a memory to those who love us. The Bible journals, traveler’s journals, or diaries will be treasures waiting for your family to unearth. The distant family members of the future will begin to know who you are by these written words. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms may or may not be there. But the carefully passed down journals will be what they turn to when they look to learn from the past.

The diary you see belonged to my grandmother who was dearly loved. It contained her favorite recipes. When the cover is open, you feel like you are standing right beside her, like she is still here. Why? Because of her handwriting. She handwrote all these recipes carefully and with the intention to be passed on. 20171120_101543

Is her handwriting perfect? Did she painfully take time to inscribe every letter? No. She wrote from the heart.

Our handwriting is as unique to us as our fingerprints! Celebrate your uniqueness, don’t let it hold you back from telling your story. The future will thank you!


The above page is a sermon my great-grandfather wrote on his lunchbag while working. He used to walk in the woods and allow God to speak to His heart in the quiet. This, and other diaries of his sermons, are things my family treasures. His life on earth ended earlier than it should, but his legacy and heart for Jesus has lasted multiple generations. The biggest reason for this is his written word.

This next picture is from my dad’s sermon notes and quiet time. I love my parent’s handwriting. It reminds me of childhood and receiving birthday cards, taking notes into school, and going grocery shopping. I especially love reading their heart for Jesus and their walk with Him.


When we choose to write, we typically only write the things that are important to us. The things that stand out – good or bad. When we Bible journal,  we write the lessons God has spoken to our hearts, truths from the Bible, prayers answered or unanswered, blessings received or given. What a beautiful heritage to leave our children!

My mom has been an avid journaler her whole life. She has multiple volumes just waiting to be read and cherished. But for now, I have her and I am so grateful!


If you are a new journaler, don’t pressure yourself in having perfect writing every time. It can steal the joy if you focus on the perfection and not the journey.

Collage 2017-11-20 09_59_41

When I first began Bible journaling, I didn’t realize what a big deal “handlettering” is. I just wrote. But over time, the more I saw other people’s  beautiful lettering, I felt I needed to work on that also! I allowed the pressure of the crowd to determine my progress instead of letting God form my artistic style.

I quickly got over that and decided to celebrate my own style. It brings much freedom to rest in being who you are. I still practice handlettering- sometimes, but I am ok with not having the most perfect written word also.

Collage 2017-11-20 10_07_11

My prayer for you as you journal is to enjoy the sweet relationship with Jesus. Allow Him into your heart, in the inner parts to transform you from the inside out. Don’t be afraid if your story is less than perfect, if your artwork is sub-par, or your handwriting looks like chicken scratch. We all have a story to tell. We all have hills and valleys. Praise God in the storms and praise Him in the calm. Write it down, embrace who He is making YOU.

Remember! One day, your written word will be a treasure to be read. May your words be written in love.

Collage 2017-11-20 09_57_18

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2 thoughts on “Handwriting and Legacy”

  1. This is so beautiful!! I have a piles of journals full of prayers, thoughts, praise reports, words from the Lord, letters to my children, and so much more. I always hope my children will one day appreciate all the writing they will one day find.

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